Languages Come in Many Forms

Interculturally Speaking

I am studying Spanish and Intercultural studies in college, but I so wish that I had time to study more languages. Someday…

I haven’t even seen this movie, but I’ve heard it’s great. I do know this song sequence is incredible though. Seamless transition between 25 languages, of which only parts of about 3 are understood by me. This reinforces my desire to learn more languages, even if only in part.

I have watched several movies recently with different languages in them (Kon-Tiki, The Way Back, and Into the White, The Great Escape), and have found myself extremely interested. I want to understand them, to know exactly what the characters are saying, not an approximation translation. But having studied Spanish for about 5 years now, I still can’t even understand all of the Spanish in movies. It will be a long process, but I hope that I will be able…

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Mr. Beefy’s Long Road Home

A Heartwarming story of a dog.

Dog Breath Photography Blog

I want to tell you a story about a dog.

a lonely dog. an abandoned dog. an underdog.

It’s a story about love and second chances. A story about a hero.

In fact, its truly a story about more than one.

At the tail end of this past summer, just as the last stray drops of warm golden sunlight were fading away for the year – I opened up my inbox and found the most wonderful thing. In it, was an invitation to the Indian River Inlet United States Coast Guard base in Delaware asking me to chronicle the life of Mr. Beefy – a 6 year old Shelter Pit Bull mix with an incredible story. Needless to say – I graciously accepted the invitation – and scheduled the 7 hour road trip down to the Delaware Coast as soon as I possibly could. It would be an understatement to…

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A Popular Meal in my house.

My Middle sister Loves Porkchops. And when I say Love, I mean she has requested to be buried with a porkchop in her mouth. So when I made these ranch porkchops, she changed her mind from Mom’s Shake and Bake Porkchops to these bad boys. I make Hasselback Potatoes and green beans usually as sides. So I’ll share these recipies with you guys so you can enjoy them too.